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We are working to empower every business by setting solid foundations and ensuring that when faced with difficult employees, a workplace claim or working to build workplace culture we have you covered.

FREE 30-minute General Consultation

Get your business up to speed on employment legislation and compliant when it comes to the rules and regulations that you inherit when you employ. Getting your obligation wrong or worse not meeting them can have dire consequences for your business

Imagine any of these situations happening to you

  • Social Media and New reporters gleefully publishing damaging stories about your business
  • Huge lawyers bill or Fair Work Commission fines
  • Dramatic drop in employee morale and declining customer sales
  • Extensive, adverse and embarrassing publicity

But you can prevent any of this happening long before it even becomes a problem and you will NEVER need to bury your head in the sand. We have developed practical solutions to ALL your HR needs. From new recruits to terminations, team culture to Leadership skills.

As Human Resource Specialists we work with you every step of the way to build motivated, highly productive and revenue-rich workplace. As Gold Coast Human Resource and Workplace Compliance Experts we provide EASY, NO FUSS solutions that enhance your workplace. I have spent over 10 years developing solutions that fit everyday workplaces. With me the service is personal and what I deliver is customised, specific to your requirements and relevant to the way you do business. Fresh HR Insights Values and Beliefs are that Human Resources is about bringing the Human back into Human Resources Management. We carry this value across everything we doWhen dealing with employees you are dealing with emotions and emotions do not fit into check boxes, every situation is different and every reaction varies. Employees are your greatest asset and your businesses your greatest expense.   

NOT SURE? What about taking us up on our FREE 30-minute General HR Consultation (New contacts only).

– At our Core what we do-

As a business, Fresh HR Insights Pty Ltd have made it our mission to protect business owners from such circumstances and get them compliant and their teams productive. We are working to empower every business by setting solid foundations and ensuring that when faced with difficult employees, facing a claim or working to build workplace culture we have you covered.

How do we do this     

  • Contracts of employment – we work with you on why employment contracts are important, what they should and should not contain for your business and set about to make sure you have the correct ones in place
  • National Employment Standards – we help you understand the minimum standards underpinning the employment of your employees
  • Awards – These can be a minefield and knowing which one your team fall under can be hard. We clear up this confusion and make sure you are under the right one and paying all the right rates and allowances.
  • Policies and Procedures – We work with you to not only have the core policies for your workplace but also the one’s that reflect your culture and how you work. Our handbooks are customised to your workplace and not the “off the shelf option” sold by so many.

– Why Partner With Us – 

Consistant Communication

If you’ve ever worked with an Outsource HR Company before you know first-hand that the biggest problem is getting the same person on the phone. We pride ourselves on being there when you need us and having the same person to talk to so no repeat conversations and mixed outcomes.

Great Results

People love us! Go ahead, open a new tab and look us up ‚we’ll wait. With years of successful Human Resource Consultancy and Recruitment under our belt we know what it takes to make our clients happy and we look forward to adding you to our list of satisfied customers.

Highly Qualified and Experienced

We take our Profession seriously and pride ourselves in our educational qualification’s and continued professional development. We are not just starting a Diploma in HR and nor are we a Franchise where we are supplied with standard, generic documents. We are experienced and Qualified in Human Resource Management and Employee Relations.

– What Our Clients Think –

We love hearing feedback from our clients. It is great to know we are helping them focus on the bigger picture – growing their business through their greatest asset – their employees.

"Unlike other companies we approached, Fresh HR Insights Pty Ltd, were always available to answer our questions, discuss our needs and be our helping hand. Paulette is so accommodating and it was refreshing to be provided with a happy, smiling face. We would definitely recommend Fresh HR Insights Pty Ltd to other growing companies and we are excited to develop our relationship further"

October 2015

Paul Billing

Sales Director, TorFX

"Thanks to Paulette and her team at Fresh HR Insights, we loved working with you and can highly recommend your expertise in HR and recruitment. Thanks for all your hard work and enthusiasm"
Terry Tzanetopoulos

Owner, Just Wardrobes and Storage

"I found Paulette from Fresh HR Insights very professional and always happy and willing to assist whenever necessary. She was always available to answer even the simplest of questions and took the time to investigate the answers on more complex issues. Paulette produced our Staff Induction Manual and Employee Contracts. I’m happy to recommend Fresh HR Insights to any business looking for HR solutions".

April 2016

Jo Sherline

Friday Flyer

Fresh HR Insights PTY

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