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Are you able to defend yourself against workplace claims?

The Australian Employment Legislation System is a NIGHTMARE when it comes to navigating the employment relationships. With Federal, State, Territory Laws, and Industrial Awards and Agreements to comply with it can be like walking a tightrope.



 Termination and Unfair Dismissal claims

(up 60% in June/ July 2020 compared to the same time in 2019)

 Bullying and Sexual Harassment Claims

 Ensuring a safe working environment

 Absence and Sick leave …………………



Employee Handbook 2020 1 - Base Employee Handbook

As an employer, you may not be aware that you have a legal responsibility to ensure that your employees are informed of their rights and responsibilities. Although no federal or state laws say you have to have one they are a great way to clarify the expectations and reduce any misunderstandings on what is and is not accepted int the workplace. An employee handbook is a good way to induct new employees into your business, and give your existing staff a document they can reference at any time to keep their knowledge of workplace policies and procedures up to date and expectations clearly set out. If an employee knew about the standards expected you have a much greater chance of protecting yourself in any claims brought against you. 


We have taken out the guesswork and done all the hard work for you.

Introducing the “PLAIN ENGLISH”
Employee Handbook

I know what you’re thinking:

Employee handbooks are for the BIG corporate world!

They’re stuffy, full of legal jargon and technical terms, and they don’t really fit with my company.

I don’t want my employees to feel like they’re being suffocated with policies and rules.

Do I really need my company’s employee handbook with such a small team? It seems kind of silly!

I’ve also heard you say things like:


want to create a good company culture!

want to encourage team and personal development.

don’t know how to hold my employees accountable.

thought I made (insert policy/guideline) super clear when I hired them! Why is this an issue?

no clue how to handle (insert employee issue, such as attendance, behavioral problems, etc.) I have going on right now!

An Employee Handbook can potentially limit or totally avoid many of these issues. With this Handbook when something does come up (and it will), you’ll be prepared to handle it confidently and consistently.

What is an Employee Handbook?

A company employee handbook is a tool to help you communicate how employees can best work with your company. It’s designed to speak directly to them. It should be written in a clear, straightforward manner, that’s easy to navigate.

It can be a physical document or it can be electronic (PDF). In either format, you should always have your team members sign off that they have received, read, and understand the employee handbook – and have them sign off again when you update it, too!

You should cover basic policies and employment-related procedures in your handbook. It’s not meant to be an all-encompassing document, otherwise, it would be 500+ pages long – and no-one will ever read that.

Your handbook should cover the basics that anyone might have a question about when being recruited for a new job and also for the team members you already have on board.

Screen Shot 2018 04 21 at 7.46.16 PM - Base Employee Handbook
This Handbook Covers all the 

Each policy, if brought individually, will cost you up to $150 EACH
That is well over $1,500 worth of value for ONLY $297


 Code of Conduct

 Attendance and Absenteeism

 Anti-discrimination, EEO and Bullying Policy

 Domestic and Family Violence

 Social Media Policy

 Email, Internet and Computer System Policy

 Leave Policy

 Disciplinary Policy

 Workplace Bullying Policy

 Workplace Drug and Alcohol Policy

 Work Health and Safety Policy

And more

Here are 6 reasons why you
really do
need an employee handbook! 

 1 – Set and Meet Employee Expectations 

Employees expect their employer to communicate with them in a straightforward way about all sorts of things. Just having a handbook demonstrates that you understand employees’ needs for information, and it can go a long way toward making a positive first impression on a new employee.

 2 – Get Employees to Behave In A Certain Way

A handbook should outline for employees how to behave and perform and what will happen if they fail to meet those expectations. Among other things, a handbook should guide employees on how to request time off from work, complain about operational matters or possible harassment, keep a time record, report possible theft or workplace violence, dress appropriately, refrain from drug and alcohol use, maintain confidential information, use electronic resources, comply with laws, etc. What you have will depend on your business and Industry to some degree.

 3 – Treat Employees Consistently 

A handbook tailored to the way you do business helps ensure that managers across the business handle issues consistently. A handbook should not be an “instruction book” on how to manage or deal with every conceivable problem or issue, but it should provide a framework for managers to follow

 4 – Ensure clear and consistent communication with all employees

No more forgetting what you told each employee and no more room for ambiguity! One of the biggest reasons employees file with Fair Work is due to unfair practices. You might think, “I’d never unfairly treated anyone!” And your intentions might be good and pure. However, it’s easy to do when you have no clear way to communicate policies, procedures, and expectations with your entire team. A handbook is a guide for your employees and can also provide protection for you and your company in the case of a disgruntled employee

 5 – Guides employees on how to handle various situations

Most employee handbooks provide some guidance on how to handle problems employees might face at work. What is the policy on sexual harassment? Who should they report concerns about drug or alcohol abuse to? What about leave and Bullying in the workplace?

Most employers cover these types of situations through an Open-door Policy, encouraging their employees to report issues anonymously to them and without fear of retaliation.

 6 – It will make your life easier!

No more trying to remember what your policies are or what you told one employee versus another about how leave works. An company employee handbook has all this important information covered.

It puts the answers right in the hands of your employees. When they don’t have to look up the answers for themselves, they’re not running to you every time they have a question. Saving everyone time and frustration.

There you have it – 6 reasons why you really do need an employee handbook! 

If you don’t have an employee handbook, but you have a team (or your team is growing soon), then we have the solution for you.

Simply click the link below and grab your Base Employee handbook for $297 AUD (valued at $1,500) 

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Heck yeah, I need an employee handbook now!

Screen Shot 2018 04 21 at 7.46.16 PM - Base Employee Handbook
Employee Handbook 2020 1 - Base Employee Handbook

Employee Handbook

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