Brand Values - Fun, Respect, Excellence, Steadfast, Humble


Our brand values and Mission statement help us form the approach and delivery of our service. That’s why we’ve established clear values at the heart of our brand guiding us all at Fresh HR Insights Pty Ltd. We STRONGLY hold these values – if you don’t feel you align with us and we don’t align with you then we will never create MAGIC in workplace success. Let’s be honest – we only work with people we align with and feel a connection. No body listens to someone they don’t like and why pay us if we can’t deliver what you need because of a difference.  

Research has shown us that clients understand that Human Resource Management is essential in business today and that they need to manage their employees with respect. But this isn’t strong enough to overcome the emotional and rational barriers preventing them from taking the next step.

Our mission is to remove the barriers that prevent people from making the most of their employees and protecting what’s important to them ‚ their business.

By removing these barriers, we turn our client’s business journeys from one that’s difficult to one that’s effortless. Our Brand Values are at the core of what we do and how we treat people in all our daily dealings.


FUN Have fun and enjoy what we do every day
RESPECT Treat our clients, business partners and colleagues as we would like to be treated
EXCELLENCE Pursue the ideal of being the best in what we do each and every day
STEADFAST Remain determined and firm in our mission to deliver great outcomes
HUMBLE Be humble, it helps keep an open mind, a caring attitude, and respect for others