Welcome to the world of being a Small Business owner

The long hours, cash flow pressures, staffing issues and a sense of feeling overwhelmed – Welcome to the world of being a Small Business owner. 

According to new research working long hours is putting business leaders at risk. Research has shown that those leading and managing small to medium businesses are likely to work very long hours and as a result are also at risk of suffering mental health problems. Another recent study suggests nearly half (45%) of Australian small business owners are feeling more stressed this year than in the 12 months prior. Does this sound like you?

Let Fresh HR Insights take away some of your stressors and let us guide you with your Employee Matters. We know that time is money so we offer a limited Number of Appointments by Telephone and Skype – you do not even need to leave the office to receive expert support and advice on your specific matters. 

Please see below for more information on what we can offer you as a Small Business owner on the Gold Coast – Small Business HR Audits and General Advice

Why do an HR Audit?

Human Resource audits  accomplish a variety of objectives, such as ensuring legal compliance; helping maintain or improve a competitive advantage; establishing efficient documentation and technology practices; and identifying strengths and weaknesses in training, communications and other employment practices. HR auditing for small Business on the Gold Coast is something that many companies do annually, just as they audit their financial information. This gives them an accounting of their workforce and the efficiency with which the organisation as an entity deals with its people, from recruiting to Dismissal. HR auditing can be likened to a person going to the doctor for a general check-up to stay well. The process allows a company to get a general idea of where it stands so it can better correct any potential problems and plan for the future. When it comes to physical health, prevention of problems is far better than waiting until a problem arises and trying to cure it. The same holds true for human resources auditing. Preventing problems is much easier than trying to fix them after the fact. Good Human Resource planning and auditing can help prevent those problems, and save companies money and difficulties. 

General HR Advice

Many Small Business owners can’t find the time to keep on top of all the modern awards, agreements, and changes in legislation. Dealing with the day to day minefield of HR can be very time consuming and intimidating.  Ensuring that you are complying with the relevant legislation can cause many a sleepless night. We come across many a Small Business owner on the Gold Coast that finds nothing is ever simple and situations are complex and leave them waiting for an unfair dismissal claim? Often this leave you wondering why you even bother with employees. It does not have to be this way

Fresh HR Insights Pty Ltd is a team of highly qualified and professional consultants help you manage these situations by providing up to date advice which complies with current legislation.We provide your business with pragmatic advice on how to manage your employees on matters such as underperformance, conflict in the workplace, absenteeism, bullying etc. As time is precious for you as a small business owner we have opened up time for General HR Advice – book in advance and know that we will be there to help.

We can assist you on matters such as;

  • Pragmatic advice on Human Resources issues
  • Answer Questions on employee relations matters such as parental leave, carers leave, annual leave etc
  • Guidance on disciplinary actions for example, informal and formal warnings
  • Guidance on Redundancies and terminations
  • Guidance with is up to date with current legislation (Fair Work Act, Modern Awards, Long Service Leave etc

We can also provide you will all necessary correspondence letters, Policies, Procedures, Checklists and Forms at an additional cost

Disclaimer: Advice given by Telephone and Skype is only as good as the information that you give us. The advice given may not take into account all the mitigating circumstances of particular situations and  may also not provide a full story of what the issues are. 

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