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Dress Code Policy

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An organization’s dress code not only maintains uniformity among employees who come from various backgrounds but also projects the company’s image to its clients, business partners or to the public in general.

Employers have the right to prescribe standards of dress at work that are reflective of the culture and corporate image of the business.

However, the standards set should be reasonable, having regard to the type of work and the industry in which the work is performed. Employers should ensure that a dress code policy is applied consistently and in a manner that is not discriminatory.

The policy should enforce a standard that is common to all employees but is sensitive to different cultures, religious practices, ages, and disabilities. It is also important that the policy take into account any occupational health and safety requirements and the nature of the workplace and work being performed.

Article in the Sydney Morning Herald – RailCorp shaves staff for being ungroomed – At least four Sydney train staff have been prevented from clocking on for shifts because they are unshaven or poorly dressed, in the first days of RailCorp’s blitz on grooming. As part of its “First Impressions Count” policy, RailCorp threatened to start sending staff home yesterday if they did not comply with the train operator’s grooming standards.
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