Fresh HR Insights Pty Ltd works with small to medium business as  your Human Resource Consultant and Employee Relations Specialist. We not only Eliminate workplace concerns with Fair Work and Employment Legislation compliance but help you build committed workplaces.

As part of our ongoing commitment to not only our clients but our future development we have developed our 4 C’s of Revenue Rich Workplace’s

Without STRONG pillars a business will be unable to sustain revenue rich workplaces. As a business owner you are entitled to run your business YOUR WAY and we work on giving you that CONFIDENCE by ensuring you are COMPLIANT. We also work with  your teams to build a strong COMMITMENT  and COMMUNITY. All this is underpinned by polices, procedures  and clear expectations that match and reflect your VISION.  


Here’s something to think about – If you fit Human Resources Consultants into a certain type of box, you would probably describe them as very serious, firm, possibly a little stuffy and conservative. But we are far from that. We don’t go to work to be miserable and nor should you. We find that workplaces that are no fun to work at tend to have unmotivated and poor productivity teams.  We also value the power of education and learning and this is reflected in the fact that Paulette is a lecturer at Griffith University on the Gold Coast in the ER/HR Business School. 

Fresh HR Insights Pty Ltd is more than just another HR Consultancy and Outsourced Human Resources provider – we are working with Businesses all over the Gold Coast, Queensland and also clients Australia wide.  Increasing motivation and productivity through customised human resource packages, targeted and hands on recruitment processes, customised policies and procedures, performance management, exit strategies and dismissals.

Not only that but we have alignments with strategic Business partners across many industries. All designed to help you as a business owner grow your revenue streams.

Our services are TOTALLY FLEXIBLE and more AFFORDABLE than you may think. We do not believe in generic documents and online HR systems – for us it is PERSONAL.

We believe a face to face meeting is the best way for you to get to know us, but before we get there, we think it’s important you know a little about us first.  Want more info on why and how we do what we do:

Brand Values

In Person


Fresh HR Insights Pty Ltd is not just another HR consulting company nor are we affiliated with a brand – we are our own  brand – we started this business to make life easier for people and to bring the fun back into the workplace. In fact, we hope to dispel a lot of the existing myths about human resources and start an ‘HR is FUN’ revolution.

Will you join us?

See what Marie from ICON Software has to say about Fresh HR Insights Pty Ltd

Contact Fresh HR Insights Pty Ltd today to talk about what it is that your business requires on [email protected] or call 0452 471 960

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