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Employee Termination And The Need For Solid Preparation

Employee termination procedures is not the first, second or even third thing you think about in a business. Business owners are worried about sales, staff morale, customer service, contractor management and rush hour traffic. Casual employee termination can be...

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New Laws Make Wage Theft A Crime. Be Warned. Be Prepared.

Wage theft accusations are not new in Australia. That doesn't change the fact that it can leave bruised brands and big dents in bottom lines. Small cafés to giant international organisations have been targeted. Their HR policies have been investigated with particular...

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Unfair Dismissal Claims: What You Need To Know

Fairness’ can be quite a relative term, depending on personal perspective. Still, in terms of a business and employment scenario, certain circumstances fall within or outside of those boundaries. Whether you keep your company safely within reasonable levels depends on...

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