Knowing that you have someone there when you need them, giving you peace of mind in times of turbulence.

Lacking Time? Or Unsure Of Your Legal Obligations As An Employer?


Many Small Business owners can’t find the time to keep on top of all the modern awards, agreements, and changes in legislation. Dealing with the day to day minefield of Human Resources and Employment Relations can be very time consuming and intimidating. Ensuring that you are complying with the relevant legislation can cause many a sleepless night.

We come across many a Small Business owner on the Gold Coast and in South East Queensland that finds nothing is ever simple and situations are complex and leave them waiting for an unfair dismissal claim? Often this leave them wondering why you even bother with employees. It does not have to be this way

Enquire today about our Telephone and emailed based HR/ ER support.  We do not run a call centre – you get direct access to an employment relations expert whenever you need assistance. We help you resolve HR/ ER issues & put a plan in place to avoid future problems. The hours in our HR/ER support bundles include phone, emails, forms, correspondence letters, advice, policies, procedures and onsite meetings. We have you covered.

Example areas for advice include: 

  • Managing employee issues such as lateness for work, absent without leave, under performance and poor conduct;
  • Dealing with complaints of Bullying and workplace investigations;
  • Termination of employment, what you can and cannot do and what is the correct procedure to follow;
  • Conflict Management and Communication strategies;
  • Advice on meeting legislative requirements;
  • General advice on the Unfair dismissal or other Fair Work Commission processes;
  • How to respond to and deal with workplace complaint​; and
  • Employee entitlements including the correct awards and pay rates;
  • Pragmatic advice on Human Resources issues
  • Guidance on disciplinary actions for example, informal and formal warnings
  • Guidance on Redundancies and terminations

Book in for a FREE 30-minute General Consultation using our online booking system.  Use the Booking button Below. Our pricing is transparent so you know what to expect.  

HR Support is available 24/7 and in blocks of time


We keep a tracker sheet on who we have talked to, about what and what we did. You use them when you need them and they do not expire. The hours include phone, emails, forms, letters, meetings etc. These can be repurchased as they get used up.  

Call us on 0452 471 960 or email for more information. 

Travel to on-site meetings available however this will incur additional pricing for travel costs. Time is logged in 30-minute intervals Monday to Friday 8am – 6pm and in 1-hour intervals outside this time




Disclaimer: Advice given by Telephone and email is only as good as the information that you give us. The advice given may not take into account all the mitigating circumstances of particular situations and  may also not provide a full story of what the issues are. Failure to tell us ALL the surrounding information may lead to less favourable outcomes. Now is not the time for secrets. 

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