HR Support Packages for Small Business

Flexible and cost effective packages containing best practice, up to date human resource policies, procedures, forms, correspondence, and checklists.  Full customization ability to suit your business, so you have the tools to manage all aspects of the employee life-cycle. Included in the packages are manuals, videos, fact sheets and telephone/email support. 

Fresh HR Insights is there in “times of turbulence” to support business owners navigating the maze of employment legislation. We continuously add to our available products and processes to ensure that yo are covered today as well as tomorrow – growing with you.


With 4 levels of support available to suit every budget and size of business we have something for you. 

  • Economy – support for the documents you already have in place
  • Economy Plus – Ideal for 1 – 5 employees
  • Business – Ideal for 5 – 15 Employees
  • First Class – The ultimate support for all business sizes

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Economy Plus

  • Package includes the following (PLUS everything from our Economy Package)
  • 3 hours Telephone and email support*
  • Manuals (Introduction)
  • Base Employee handbook (and 15 + additional updated policies and procedures)
  • HR Video Series (selection)
  • New Employee and Induction Process
  • Updated Forms (selection)
  • Latest HR information in a monthly Newsletter
  • Fair Work Australia Legislation Updates
  • *hours do not roll over each month – additional hours are charged at $250.00 + GST per hour

Business Class

  • Package includes the following (PLUS everything from our Economy AND Economy Plus Package)
  • 4 hours Telephone and email support*
  • Alternative – 1 hour onsite support (SEQ Locations)
  • Manuals
  • Policies and Procedures (over 25 Updated Policies and Procedures)
  • Video Series
  • Correspondence letters for probation
  • Step by Steps for workplace matters
  • Forms(updated)
  • Latest HR information in a monthly Newsletter + regular news
  • Fair Work Australia Legislation Updates
  • *hours do not roll over each month – additional hours are charged at $250.00 + GST per hour

First Class

  • Ideal for Businesses who want to create their own HR team but need that additional support Package includes the following (PLUS everything from our Economy Package, Economy Plus and Business Class)
  • 5 hours Telephone and email support*
  • Alternative – 2 hours onsite support (SEQ locations)
  • Manuals
  • Video Series
  • Correspondence letters(updated to support your business needs)
  • Fact sheets
  • Additional updated Forms, Checklist and Plain English (simple) policies
  • Updated documents specific to your industry and business
  • Latest HR information in a monthly Newsletter + regular news
  • Fair Work Australia Legislation Updates
  • *hours do not roll over each month – additional hours are charged at $250.00 + GST per hour

HR Support - "there when you need us in times of turbulence"

Lacking Time? Or Unsure Of Your Legal Obligations As An Employer?

We come across many a Small Business owner on the Gold Coast and in South East Queensland that finds nothing is ever simple and situations are complex and leave them waiting for an unfair dismissal claim? Often this leave them wondering why you even bother with employees. It does not have to be this way

Inquire today about our Telephone and emailed based HR/ ER support.  We do not run a call center – you get direct access to an employment relations expert whenever you need assistance. We help you resolve HR/ ER issues & put a plan in place to avoid future problems. The hours in our HR/ER support bundles include phone, emails, forms, correspondence letters, advice, policies, procedures and onsite meetings. We have you covered.


Example areas for advice include: 

  • Managing employee issues such as lateness for work, absent without leave, under performance and poor conduct;
  • Dealing with complaints of Bullying and workplace investigations;
  • Termination of employment, what you can and cannot do and what is the correct procedure to follow;
  • Conflict Management and Communication strategies;
  • Advice on meeting legislative requirements;
  • General advice on the Unfair dismissal or other Fair Work Commission processes;
  • How to respond to and deal with workplace complaint​; and
  • Employee entitlements including the correct awards and pay rates;
  • Pragmatic advice on Human Resources issues
  • Guidance on disciplinary actions for example, informal and formal warnings
  • Guidance on Redundancies and terminations

Advice Line

FREE HR Audits


A Human Resources Audit (or HR Audit) is a comprehensive method (or means) to review current human resources policies, procedures, documentation and systems to identify needs for improvement and enhancement of the HR function as well as to assess compliance with ever-changing rules and regulations. We have put together 4 of the top Audits for your workplace. ALL our audits are FREE to complete and we aim to get your report to you  within 48-hour’s (Mon-Friday) of completing.

Workplace Audits

Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures are a necessary part of any business, they provide direction to employees and govern the rights of both the employee and employer. HR Policies and procedures set guidelines on a series of issues that may be faced in the workplace and provide managers and employees with a guide on how those issues should be handled. It is important that all employees are engaged under an Employment Agreement, or similar, to protect the business.  There are also a number of minimum policies and procedures that Fresh HR Insights recommend are written and implemented for all businesses no matter what industry or size.  You can grab our Base Employee Handbook TODAY ate a very low cost of $297.00 or give us a call on Mbl: 0452 471 960 / E: to discuss how we can support you and your business. 

Base Employee Handbook

Small Business New Starter Kit

It’s a common problem

The problem with fairness is that what might seem fair to one person might not feel fair to another. This is especially the case in the workplace, where employers and employees commonly see things differently, especially when it comes to being held accountable for poor performance or unacceptable behaviours.
Small business employs half the workforce in Australia – and often do it without the resources of a large corporation. What these small businesses have in common is the challenge of dealing with the myriad people issues from;
 recruitment and retention;
 diversity and inclusion;
 health and well being; and more………..
Managing employees doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. Grab out Small Business New Starter Kit

Base Employee Handbook

Are you covered if an Employee goes rogue?

The Australian Employment Legislation System is a NIGHTMARE when it comes to navigating the employment relationships.

You have Federal, State, Territory Laws, and Industrial Awards and Agreements to comply with.

 Termination and Unfair Dismissal claims

 Bullying and Sexual Harassment Claims

 Ensuring a safe working environment

 Absence and Sick leave …………………

We have taken out the guess work and done all the hard work for you.
Grab our BASE Employee Handbook TODAY

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