Human Resources for
Small Businesses

Time-poor business owner feels overwhelmed and unsure to where to start when tackling the rules and regulations
and buries his head in the sand.

Human resources is probably one of the more complicated aspects of running a small business. The complexities of working with people don’t fit nicely on a spreadsheet. Yet HR is incredibly important; employee salaries make up a huge chunk of your operating expenses.
Your employees are one of your greatest assets. You must protect and manage that asset.
Get your business up to speed on employment legislation and compliant when it comes to the rules and regulations that you inherit when you employ. Getting your obligation wrong or worse not meeting them can have dire consequences for your business. Imagine any of these situations happening to you

✔ Social Media and New reporters gleefully publishing damaging stories about your business

✔ Huge lawyers bill or Fair Work Commission fines

✔ Dramatic drop in employee morale and declining customer sales

✔ Extensive, adverse and embarrassing publicity

But you can prevent any of this happening long before it even becomes a problem and you will NEVER need to bury your head in the sand. Our virtual HR support sytem is the solutions to ALL your HR needs. From new recruits to terminations, team culture to Leadership skills.

HR Made EAsy with our 120-Day Build your Own HR Department

We are EXCITED to announce that we are in the final stages of launching an AMAZING online HR Support System that works to create your own HR Department. Imagine having everything at your finger tips as well as the EXPERT right behind you the whole way.
You get EVERYTHING you need PLUS the EXPERT advice.
Imagine have the following;
*Correspondence letter
*Facts Sheets
*Video Tutorials
*Support group
*Guides and much much more
You will know “HOW”, “WHEN” and “WHAT” to do at every stage of the Employment relationship. Our system takes you on a journey that covers Recruiting for success, On-Boarding for continued success, Building High Level Performance and finally Engagement to Driving performance for continued growth
Don’t go paying over $400 a month and get locked into a 5-year contract as some providers do – Pay a one off LOW COST per stage and have everything PLUS the EXPERT SUPPORT.

We Understand that relationships are built on the KNOW, LIKE and TRUST So we are offering you a FREE  telephone connection to go over your general workplace concerns and general advice on what we can do for you and your business. Use the link below to book in a time that works for you.

BOOK in a FREE Telephone General Consultation to check us out

As a business, Fresh HR Insights Pty Ltd have made it our mission to protect and support business owners from such circumstances and get them compliant and their teams productive. We are working to empower every business by setting solid foundations and ensuring that when faced with difficult employees, facing a claim or working to build workplace culture we have you covered.
Below is a snapshot of what we help business owners with. We are flexible and adaptable, we are not into locking you into 5-year contracts or monthly fee’s, we believe in delivering VALUE when you need it and not leave you feeling cheated.
Contracts of employment - Human Resources for Small Businesses

When you call Fresh Hr Insights Pty Ltd you do not get a sales team or end up in a call centre but you get direct access to the Founder and Owner Paulette McCormack.

Paulette has been specialising in Employment Relations and small business compliance for the private sector since 2012.

With over a decade of experience across a diverse range of workplaces and industries, Paulette has not only developed strong team cultures but teams that work together to increase productivity and customer experience.

Paulette just keeps growing her expertise to better support her clients.
Not everyone is suited to her practical style of working but those that do as her testimonial’s show value and respect the straight up approach.


It is great to have peace of mind that everything is covered for us. From policies & procedures to advice over the phone on how to handle a situation, everything we need.

Why would you have a bookkeeper take care of your books but try and do your own HR??

Thanks for all your help so far Paulette – it has been a great investment for us.

Watmar Property Maintenance.

It was fantastic, thank you so much. I would love to download your HR brain. You are such a pleasure to listen to and incredibly knowledgeable. I gained so much information was buzzing when I left. Can not wait for the next course. Love my candle to my car smells spectacular.

Liz Kinchin Director, Giant Chemist, Pacific Fair

Paulette is a true HR genius, she is spot on with timely advice and great with her knowledge of the legislation. She has drafted some brilliant policies and procedures and was able to help me implement them in my business.

I now have Paulette on tap as my HR Advisor and regard her as an integral part of my team and here’s the best bit,

she’s not on my full-time payroll, just a simple retainer…absolute Gold!

Lindsay Adams CEO, Teamocracy
fhr 217pt 080119 - Human Resources for Small Businesses

A Certified Professional Member of Australian Human Resources Institute (CAHRI), and a member of the Industrial Relations Society of Queensland. University Lecturer and Lifelong Learner.

Paulette McCormack is a highly driven and positive and professional Human Resource Specialist in people management through workforce planning, knowledge management, conflict resolution and the policies and procedures underpinning the employee relationships.

Paulette strongly believes that the way to a company’s success is through its most valued asset, its people.
Paulette considers the ‘nuts and bolts’ of each company and the staff required to keep them spinning.
Having worked within the international arena, specifically within the United Kingdom for both a French owned and Italian owned companies, Paulette has a diverse understanding of what it is that makes employees feel valued and what it take to make employees want to give the best each and every day and go above and beyond the requirements of their role.
Paulette is also a lecturer at Griffith University where she brings her commercial experience and vast knowledge to help grow and develop our future business leaders in the HR|ER Business school.

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