Hygiene is an important and critical part of the life of any human being. The importance of hygiene can be best understood by the fact that almost every religion on earth has preached hygiene. The benefits of hygiene are not only limited to the physical structure of a human being, it also influences some psychological behaviors. It creates self-confidence, boosts morale and uplifts the self-esteem of a person.

Why is hygiene so important? Why has man converted his forests and lands into cleaner roads and proper societies? The answer is simple. Hygiene is a measure of a person’s way of life. A person having good self-hygiene not only enables himself to feel comfort in his skin but it also helps others around that person, to work in comfort. A person with good values will never ignore his personal hygiene.

Every workplace has its norms and policies. Cleanliness and personal hygiene are always a part of these norms and policies. All businesses have a dress code. This dress code is a part of the self-hygiene of employees. Maintaining a proper hygiene at the workplace is very important for the good reputation of businesses. Both the office authorities and the employees need to take care of the hygiene. No boss would want a dirty person to represent his company in the market or in front of the public. Similarly, no employee would want to work in a firm with dirty restrooms, cubicles, and environment. The contribution by both the parties is essential for the good reputation of the firm.

Contribution by the workplace authorities:

Employee retention is one of the major concerns of the firms nowadays. Keeping the employees happy and content in their workplace is very important for the consistent success of business. Employees are greatly influenced by their workplace environment. A tempting workplace creates a good level of comfort in the employees. Keeping a workplace clean helps in creating a good environment. There are several essential measures that can help maintain the hygiene of the workplace. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Emptying the trash cans on a regular basis.
  • Regular cleaning of restrooms.
  • A Spray of some light air freshener in intervals.
  • Cleaning of the windows.

Contribution by the employees:

What would happen if an employee, who is supposed to give presentation to a multinational company, shows up with messy hair, no tie, rough nails, dirty shoes and smelly body? The answer is obvious, he’ll get fired the minute he sets his foot in the office. The standard of hygiene of employees of a firm gives the idea of how good the firm is. Maintaining a proper self-hygiene by the employees is as critical to the repute of the firm as their performance. Some essential measures by the employees are discussed below:

  • Following the proper dress code.
  • Taking a  bath every morning before coming to office.
  • Proper haircut and hairstyle.
  • Polished shoes.
  • Use of a deodorant.

Self-hygiene greatly enhances the value of a person. If employees maintain their hygiene up to the mark, they fall in the good books of the boss automatically. Also, a clean workplace ensures good health of the employees and they are less prone to contagious diseases. Consequently, the performance of the employees is greatly increased.





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