Creating Effective Workplace Relationships


It as been proven time and time again that poor communication causes more problems than any other in the workplace. It is the most quoted cause of frustration and failure to perform. What is the communication climate in your Business? In other word, what is the nature and content of upward, downward, lateral and external communication? You can learn performance improvement plans from here, While everyone in an organisation communicates, management set the tune for this climate. How well they open and clearly communicate with each other, employees and other stakeholders sets the stage for how fruitfully ideas and information are exchanged throughout the business. The effectiveness of the communication affects the organisations morale, productivity and ultimately, its success. This is a 3 hour workshop with activities and thought provoking material. We bring in an introduction to managing People Performance and conducting a Performance Management Interview & performance improvement plans. You will walk away with the skills and knowledge as well as frameworks for effectively managing communication and performance management.
  •  Duration:          3 hours
  • Suitable for:      Supervisor’s, Managers and Small Business Owners
  • Location:          On or off-site
  • Cost:                $1,997* for up to 10 people
  • Recognition:     Certificate of Attendance
Learning Outcomes:
  • The Managers role in effective communication
  • Top ten communication barriers
  • Importance of Leadership skills
  • Giving effective feedback
  • What makes people tick
  • Trust and Effective relationships
  • Performance Management – how to


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