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Are you a small business owner who is frustrated with employee’s and wished there was a simpler way to find out what you need to do?

  • Have you spent hours and hours as well as had lost holidays building up your business and now wonder if it was all worth it as you deal with late or absent employees or worse, employees who are not doing what you employed then to do and you now feel trapped?
  • Are you paying employee’s each week but no-longer paying yourself and just wish they would do what you are paying them to do?
  • Are you just fed-up and wish someone was there for you when you need them – NOT a call-center but an EXPERT who knows what you need to do straight away?

Fresh HR Insights have a simple solution for you. HR RESCUE  A simple low cost package designed specifically for small business owners who desperately need support but are hesitant to sign into lengthy monthly contracts. 

Pay Just $597 + GST for 6-months of EXPERT HR Advice** By Phone and by Email

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Disclaimer: Advice given by Telephone and email is only as good as the information that you give us. The advice given may not take into account all the mitigating circumstances of particular situations and  may also not provide a full story of what the issues are. Failure to tell us ALL the surrounding information may lead to less favourable outcomes. Now is not the time for secrets.  

  • **Based on 1 hour per month – 6 hours over the 6 month period. Normal cost for 6 hours $1,650 + GST saving you over $1,000
  • *Additional cost apply for all necessary correspondence letters, Policies, Procedures, Checklists and Forms. If the matter requires comprehensive advice and/or has the potential to need disciplinary action that may lead up to an include termination of employment then we will be required to charge on an hourly basis. We charge $275 per hour + GST

We also offer reduction in pricing for hours brought in time frames – e.g. 10,15 or 20 hours support brought in advance. Email for more information or submit a contact form HERE


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