Managing Conflict in the Workplace



No one likes being put in a position where they feel threatened or unsafe. Unfortunately situations do arise where personal safety may be threatened – verbally or worse physically. Employers need to be prepared for these situations. As a business you should have policies that outline what action is required to be taken in such situations.

Course Features:

  • Duration:          3 hours
  • Suitable for:     Employee’s,  Supervisor’s, Managers and Small Business Owners
  • Location:          On or off-site
  • Cost:                $1,997* for up to 10 people
  • Recognition:     Certificate of Attendance

Learning Outcomes:

  • Taking responsibility for finding a solution for conflict;
  • Dealing with conflict sensitively, courteously and discreetly;
  • The use effective conflict resolution techniques and communication skills to manage conflict and develop solutions
  • Skills and Knowledge for responding to inappropriate behaviour
  • Negotiation skills


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