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Managing Separation and Termination



As a business you will need to become familiar with the legislation that all Australian work under. An organisation that wants to build a reputation for being an employer of choice looks for ways to effectively manage staff issues in a timely manner. With the right processes in place to identify poor performance at an early stage of employment, a solution can be found that may include training, reassessment of duties, mentoring, or if all else fails, may lead to termination of employment.

As an employer, you should be aware of employees rights regarding termination of their employment. If you need to dismiss an employee. It must be for a valid reason. A dismissal should not be Harsh, Unjust or Unreasonable.

Unfair Dismissal – An unfair dismissal occurs where an employee makes an unfair dismissal claim stating:

  • The dismissal was harsh, unjust or unreasonable, and
  • The dismissal was not a genuine redundancy, and
  • The dismissal was not consistent with the Small Business Fair Dismissal Code, where the employee was employed by a small business.

Fair Work Australia broadens the scope of unfair dismissal laws to cover all employees, subject to an employee serving a qualifying period. This is a six month period with an employer of over 15 staff and twelve months for a small business with less than 15 employees. During the above periods of qualification, employees can be dismissed and the unfair dismissal law does not apply. Course Features:

  • Duration:          3 hours
  • Suitable for:      Supervisor’s, Managers and Small Business Owners
  • Location:          On or off-site
  • Cost:                $1,997* for up to 10 people
  • Recognition:     Certificate of Attendance

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understanding Legislation
  • Knowledge of what Fair Work look for in an unfair dismissal claim
  • Procedural Fairness awareness
  • Skills and Knowledge for Disciplinary Action
  • The role of Managers and Supervisors


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