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Probationary Employment


The Scoop on Probationary Period – ensuring that you have the right frameworks when on-boarding new team members.

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Probationary Employment – A time to engage your new Employee for future success

Fresh HR Insights can help make probationary periods work for the employee and employer. We have developed a comprehensive manual that includes;

  • What is a probationary Period;
  • Can it be extended;
  • Entitlements in probation;
  • How long is a probation period;
  • Dismissing during probation;
  • Common law requirements;
  • Probation Policy;
  • Induction checklist;
  • Letters of communication in probation;
  • and much more

Probationary periods at the start of new employment have been common practice in Australia for a long time. However, they can be instigated and served in an unsatisfactory manner which can defeat their purpose.  They are a means by which an employer can see demonstrated the suitability and fitness of new employees to the job.  It is a period of time (i.e. 3 months), when an employee is first employed, and allows either the employer or the employee to terminate the employment for any reason.  The purpose of a probationary period is for both parties to decide whether the employee is suited to the position and/or employer’s business. ‘Trying out the Employment’


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