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Human Resources Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures are a necessary part of any business, they provide direction to employees and govern the rights of both the employee and employer. HR Policies and procedures set guidelines on a series of issues that may be faced in the workplace and provide managers and employees with a guide on how those issues should be handled.

At Fresh HR Insights we have helped many businesses develop and implement policies and procedures that are tailored to their business. The handbooks and templates we have available come from over 10 years of “hands-on” experience in the HR environment. With hundreds if not thousands of policies and procedures for businesses across a variety of different industries as well as a variety of different businesses sizes available. Ranging from office policies and procedures through to complete employee manuals. I have done this not only within Australia but overseas. Recently I was interviewed on the Need for Policies and Procedures in the Workplace. Watch the interview below.

Question: When you are starting employing team members could you give your views on the need for policies and procedures in a workplace? And what are the benefits to business on having this in place ? CLICK PICTURE BELOW



You probably have a bunch of questions right now, including these

  • Where do we start and what should we include in a policy or procedure handbook?
  • What handbook do we need?
  • I am no good at setting out workplace policies let alone procedures – what happens if I miss some important information?
  • I know nothing about workplace Legislation and Fair Work Compliance – does that matter?
  • When am I going to find the time to do this?

And that is just the tip of the iceberg.  You may have more questions and that’s fine because the process makes sure everything you’re thinking about, and others you haven’t even considered, are covered. To put it simply I can;

I love what I do, that’s why I keep adding to my EXTENSIVE range of Policies and Procedures from not only Bullying, Drug and Alcohol but right through to Terrorism and Workplace Violence.

You cannot cover every single possibility of what might happen in a workplace but I come pretty close with my Employee Handbooks and range of Policies and procedures. 

You may have been trying to get an employee handbook done over months, if not years, and the task may have moved from one person to  another – NOT ANY MORE. 

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Don’t take my word for it though – this is what others have said about our Handbooks and our service overall.

Thanks Paulette for your work organising our staff hand book of our company policies and procedures

Sharon Gatty

Owner / Director, Absolute Apparel

The immediate peace of mind knowing that we had up to date and relevant employment contracts and policies took a lot of stress off me. I could sleep soundly at night again.

Esha Haines

Office & Purchasing Manager, Taipan XP

Paulette ensured our compliance with workplace laws. There’s nothing better than the feeling that you’re starting off on the right track

Dr Siegfried Perez

Doctor, OnCall Doctors

Excellent service thank you. Paulette is extremely knowledgeable, experienced and very easy to work with. Made the whole process so efficient, understandable and affordable. I would recommend Paulette very highly to all businesses looking to solve any HR requirements. Thank you.

Jeannie Anderson

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