Human Resources for Small to Medium Businesses

Fresh HR Insights Pty Ltd was developed to help with Human Resources for small to Medium Business on the Gold Coast, surrounding areas and across Australia with their people matters.We understand that there is a a never ending amount of information, web sites, articles, blogs and services surrounding the employer/ employee relationship that can be mind boggling. Knowing how to interrupt and implement the information that is available is complex and can often lead to more problem than you set out to fix. 

Having access accurate and timely Human Resources advice can ensure that your business is on the right road to success.

We have found that there are 8 area’s that Small to Medium Business often call us in to help then with.

Do you identify with any of these?

  • Hiring the wrong people over and over again and not having the time to get it right or setting out the expectations of the role
  • Not supplying your employees with a copy of the Fair Work Information Statement
  • Not being aware of the 10 National Employment Standards (NES) with which all employers must comply
  • Not being aware of your obligations as an employer when it comes to termination and notice of termination of employment and/or redundancy
  • Having contracts that are not compliant with the NES and relevant industrial instrument ‚ ¨ or not having contract at all
  • Not paying the correct rate as per the industrial instrument
  • Not having the right policies and procedures in place to reduce risk to your business when it comes to areas such as Workplace Bullying and Harassment, Grievance, Code of Conduct etc.
  • Having Mangers that are not able to Manage their teams in line with the companies policies and procedures as well as demonstrating a fair and consistent manner. Mangers can expose businesses to risk if not trained properly.

We understand that Small Business owners may not need a full solution so we also provide solutions on an as needed requirement. This may include Human Resource support by the hour, individual policies and procedures, handbooks, correspondence letters, forms and checklists, safe work instructions, comprehensive contracts of employment, engagement letters, contracts and work agreements for casual, part-time, fixed term as well as permanent Full-time. We also offer recruitment solutions for your business

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So my Question to you is ……….

are you ready to start building a happy and productive team that will drive your business forward to success and let you live the life you went into business for?

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Below are some useful links specifically for Business Owners

Fair Work Australia –

Fair Work Ombudsman –

Safe Work Australia –

National Employment Standards – Download here National-Employment-Standards

Did you know that all employees, whether new to your business or an already existing employee, must be supplied with a Fair Work Information Statement? If you fail to provide it you may face hefty fines. The Fair Work Information Statement provides basic information to employees on matters that will affect their employment and outlines the 10 National Employment Standards that all employers throughout Australia must comply with.

Click here to upload the Fair-Work-Information-Statement

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